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Will I Have To Live With It Forever?

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Why Some People Get Well – And Others Can’t

When discussing the subject of why some people get well and others can’t, there are many different variables that come into focus.   While it is true that science has yet to come up with a cure for the common cold, much less for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many others, there are often more common reasons that are in each individual’s control.

Many people choose the wrong kind of doctor for their condition, and hence, often end up with the wrong kind of treatment.  Other individuals are too impatient, often expecting an overnight cure for a long-standing condition.

Still others accept advice from their doctor, but choose not to follow it.  Regretfully, there are some who don’t value their health and body performance enough to try to protect it until it’s gone.

Masking Symptoms – Ignoring Causes

While it is true that not all causes of health conditions can be found, one of the largest reasons for a growing number of chronic health conditions is the use of too many symptomatic relievers, including those who never even think to search for a cause of their condition.

While I belief that everyone has to do what they have to do, the truth about symptom relievers is they merely mask symptoms and ignore the cause of the underlying condition.  In other words, pain medications fool the mind into believing all is well with the body – when in fact, it isn’t.  This only provides the underlying cause of the symptoms time to grow worse, often irreversibly.

Given enough time, the cause of many conditions will grow so bad that no matter what is done, the body can’t turn itself around and heal the condition.

This is called “The Limitations of Time and Matter.” Don’t be confused by the name. Through the use of metaphors, it’s actually quite easy to understand……….

Rotten Meat And Spoiled Milk

At one time or another, most of us have left a piece of raw meat sitting in the open air a bit too long, and by the time we get around to it the meat has spoiled and no longer any good.

The longer it sits, the more spoiled it becomes.  Once the meat has spoiled, it can’t become unspoiled.

The same is true with dairy products.  Have you ever tried to unspoil milk?  Quite impossible, isn’t it?  In both of these cases, the products can be said to have gone beyond the limitations of time and matter. Too much time has passed.  The matter has changed.  They can’t be brought back.  They can’t be made good again.

Ever Try To Unboil A Hard-Boiled Egg?

Have you ever tried to unboil a hard-boiled egg?  This too, is also quite impossible.  Once the matter changes, it can’t be changed back.  The same can be said for failing to grease the moving parts of a machine.  If there is not enough lubricant in the moving parts, metal will begin rubbing against metal until the parts are destroyed – or damaged so significantly they can’t be made to function normally again.

If the engine in our car was knocking profusely, we wouldn’t turn up the stereo so we couldn’t hear the knock and pretend there wasn’t a problem.

If the fire alarm woke us in the middle of the night, we wouldn’t get up, shut off the alarm, ignore the smoke and flames and go back to bed, believing that by shutting off the alarm it was going to put out the fire.

Yet, this is exactly what happens when we take symptomatic relievers.  They shut off the body’s warning system and ignore the fire within.

Fooling The Mind At the Expense Of The Body

The majority of chronic conditions were once just a small symptom that was covered up with symptomatic relievers for too long and allowed time to grow worse.   This fooling of the mind at the expense of covering a body ailment through symptomatic relievers has led many people into chronic conditions for which they now have no recourse.

The chiropractic profession does not represent itself as a cure-all for all of mankind’s ailments.  However, it has an enviable safety and success record of helping people where other things have been tried and failed, even for many who’ve been told “Nothing more can be done.”  Perhaps chiropractic can help you, as well.

To summarize the law of “The Limitations of Time and Matter”……….  Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

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About the author: Dr. Jack Adrian is a chiropractor with more than 30 years experience in the field of chiropractic.   He is a practicing physician and Director of ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio and has served more than 25,000 individuals in his career.

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