Peripheral Neuropathy? Burning, Stinging, Numbness Or Pain In Your Legs and Feet?

New Hope For Neuropathy!

Neuropathy results in pain, burning, aching, electric shock-like sensations, hot or cold feet or legs, tight, vice-like sensations around the legs or ankles, pins and needle sensationsto the feeling of walking on ground up glass, dozens of bees stinging you when you are barely touched, swollen feet and legs, and for some, the feeling of hundreds of little bugs crawling all over your feet and legs when none are really there.

Some people have only one or two symptoms, while other people experience nearly all of them once. Many people hurt so badly they can’t tolerate blankets over their feet at night, and experience so much pain that they can’t sleep for extended periods of time.  As the condition progresses, often one will experience numbness in their feet or legs leading to balance issues and falls, often resulting in broken hips and other fractures.  The descriptions of the misery are endless depending upon the individual.

People dealing with the misery of peripheral neuropathy suffer many unique challenges, and frequently run up against repeated roadblocks in their search for help only to be left with discouragement time and time again.

For Most People – Drug Treatments Just Don’t Work Very Well!

You may be surprised to learn most drug treatments for neuropathy are not even intended to treat neuropathy, but are actually designed to treat other conditions!  For example, Neurontin (Gabapentene) is actually an anti-convulsive designed to treat seizures.  Elevil (Amyltriptine), Tofranil (Imapramine) and Cymbalta (Duloxetine) are anti-depressants.  There are many others.   Of course, the many side-effects of these drugs also frequently lead to other health problems from a result of long-term usage. 

There are few common conditions that create as much ongoing concern or agony as that of peripheral neuropathy.  As it grows worse, it can even cause many people to want to give up on life.  When the challenges get this bad, many people are willing to try practically anything – any cream, any drug, any pill, powder, potion, lotion or syrup!!  Unfortunately, painful sensory neuropathies are rarely correctable with drugs.

With nearly all established treatments of the past, the reality most people experience is their neuropathy just keeps getting worse and worse over time.

However, there is some NEW AND VERY EXCITING NEWS IN THE FIELD OF NEUROPATHY TREATMENT that may very well provide you with the help of which you’ve been searching for so long!

Is There Any Real Hope Worth Believing In?

For many people, the answer is a resounding YES!   In association with Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America, ChiroCenter is pleased to bring a revolutionary new treatment approach to the people of our community that is helping thousands of people throughout the country reduce, and in many cases, even eliminate the agony of peripheral neuropathy.

Utilizing painless “soft” laser to assist in new capillary formation and nerve growth, various vibratory frequencies to stimulate the formation of new peripheral nerves, gentle tissue mobilization to improve gait and range of motion challenges, as well as reverse polarity therapy to aid in the re-integration and correct directional flow of your body’s natural electrical nerve currents, this new approach toward treating neuropathy is proving to be a true blessing for many, many people!

Many of our patients who once had burning, stinging and painful legs and feet, numbness so bad they couldn’t feel the carpet or blades of grass under their feet, and those with balance issues that were frequently falling are finding remarkable results with this new treatment for neuropathy – a disease for which help was once considered elusive and hopeless.

Remarkably Safe and Painless!

This wonderful new treatment approach is remarkably safe and for almost all people, totally painless!

In our many years of practice, we’ve never before experienced a program where so many people look so enthusiastically forward to receiving their treatments!  Additionally, most of our patients are very pleased and relieved to know we utilize no drugs and no injections!

For a complete report sharing in-depth information about this new, revolutionary treatment program that is helping so many people with the agony and misery of neuropathy, please go to

About the author: Dr. Jack Adrian is a chiropractor with more than 30 years experience in the field of chiropractic.   He is a practicing physician and Director of ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio and has served more than 25,000 individuals in his career.

For help with any additional questions or to set up a complimentary conference to discuss your concerns, feel free to call ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio at 937-339-5556.

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