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Cervicogenic Headaches

The most overlooked cause of recurring headache pain.

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“Originating in the Neck”

The word cervicogenic means “originating in the neck.”  Cervicogenic headaches are a little talked about, but extremely common kind of headache affecting the vast majority of people who suffer with functional recurring headaches.

The Most Commonly Overlooked Cause of Headaches

In recent research articles, it’s been shown that “problems in the neck vertebrae, which compress neck nerves, are the most prevalent cause of functional headaches.” The neck is the most commonly overlooked area as a source of headache pain.

Cervicogenic headaches are frequently misdiagnosed as other kinds of headaches. Because the cause of the headache pain is in the neck, most diagnostic tests such as MRI and brain scans aimed at the head are unable to find the true source of the pain.  When the source of the pain remains undetected, the most appropriate treatment is not able to be provided and the headache pain continues to recur. In other words, with cervicogenic headaches the cause frequently eludes detection – because few ever think to search in the right place.

Long Ago?

In many cases, a case history can trace the cause of headache pain long ago to a forgotten or previously undetected neck injury such as a slip, fall, sports injury or whiplash from a car accident. Frequently, these incidences seem minor at the time they happen. As time passes, the injury silently grows worse until pain mysteriously appears.  The true source of the pain may be as common as misaligned vertebrae, or as serious as progressive disc problems.

Cervicogenic headaches are often accompanied with “neck aches” and other kinds of neck, mid, upper back or shoulder pain. Tightness in the muscles of the neck, shoulders or upper back is also extremely common.  Some find increased pain, stiffness or tenderness in the neck at the same time their headache pain increases, often a reliable clue.  In other cases no such neck pain exists, but the cause of the headache pain is eventually traced to the neck.

“Like a Ball on a Stick”

The neck is viewed as the most vulnerable part of the spine.  The weight of the head averages 15 pounds and sits on the neck “like a ball on a stick.”

With the vertebrate of the neck being about the size of a quarter to a half dollar, and many of the muscles no greater in diameter than that of a pencil, one can see the weight/strength ratio of the head on top of the smaller structures of the neck places an inordinate amount of stress on this part of the spine than in other areas.

Additionally, being smaller they have much less room for misalignment error before challenges appear than do the larger vertebra of the mid and lower back.

Not a “Brain Ache”

Most people are surprised to learn the ‘ache’ in most headaches is not caused by a “brain ache.” The ‘ache’ comes  mostly from sensations delivered to the brain through nerves originating in the neck.

There are multiple joints in the neck, all of which are capable of undergoing distortions that compress nerves running up to the brain, creating headaches.

The most reliable answer for resolving cervicogenic headaches is usually not the next new wonder drug  on the market, but rather a thorough chiropractic exam to determine the exact location of the spinal distortions causing the pain.

The “Good News” Headaches

This picture shows some of the many areas of the neck that can cause pain to be referred into different areas of the head.  There are over a dozen known headache patterns coming from neck involvement.

Cervicogenic headaches are very often referred to as “the good news” headaches; because the majority of them can be resolved once hidden problems in the neck are found and proper treatment is initiated.  The most frequent words we hear after finding the cause of the headache pain are “I wish I would have tried this first!”

This picture shows some of the many areas of the neck that can cause pain to be referred into different areas of the head.  There are over a dozen known headache patterns coming from neck involvement.

An At-Home Test Is Often Valuable

If you have recurring headache pain, an at-home test is often valuable in helping to decipher the mystery…………

  • I have tightness, stiffness, tenderness or pain in my neck or shoulders.
  • I can’t turn my neck as far one way as I can the other.
  • I notice my headache pain comes on at the time my neck tightens up.
  • I notice my headaches hurt more as my neck hurts more.
  • I have obvious posture problems.
  • One of my shoulders is lower than the other.
  • When standing in front of a mirror, I notice my head tilts slightly to one side.
  • I work with my head leaning forward for long periods of time.
  • I have knots in the muscles of my neck.
  • I sleep with more than one pillow, or a very thick pillow to get comfortable.
  • I’ve had a previous fall, trauma or whiplash in my past.
  • When someone views me from the side, the center of my ear does not line up with the center of my shoulder.

The above are just a few of best indicators that your headache pain may be coming from a cervicogenic (originating in the neck) cause.  If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above, find yourself calling our office today for proper evaluation.

Do You Need Help?

Many people find their lives disrupted for years and never get anywhere toward defeating their headaches because again, no one ever searches in the right place. If you are discouraged because the cause of your headaches remains elusive in spite of all you have done, don’t give upAll pain has a cause and something is obviously wrong.  You haven’t tried everything’ until you’ve tried chiropractic.

How Do I Get Started?

We’ve helped hundreds of people throughout the years with headache pain.  The proper techniques may allow you to also say “good-bye” to your headache pain, as have so many others.  A complimentary conference with the doctor will allow us to discuss your concerns and help us decide upon the best approach for youThe percentage of success is very high. Hopefully you can be the next person to benefit from our many years of experience and concern for others.

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