Chiropractic Is Different!

Who Really Does the Healing?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what healing really is?  If not, it may surprise you to know that doctors and drugs don’t do the healing….. you do!  Only your body can heal itself.

We doctor’s can’t form scar tissue in your body, heal a cut on your finger, or mend a broken bone in your leg.  We can’t recreate new, healthy cells to replace the old, sick and dying ones in your body.

We can only do these things for us in our bodies, and in exactly the same way, only your body can heal you.

What is Healing?

Healing is the regeneration of new life on a cellular level.  Our bodies are composed of approximately 100 trillion cells, each designed to undergo a different function to make and keep our bodies healthy.  Nearly all the cells in our bodies are in a constant state of ‘replace and replenish‘; old, sick, diseased and dead cells being flushed out and new healthy cells formed to replace them.  In fact, nearly 1/3rd of the volume of our daily waste products are diseased, worn out or dead cells being removed from our bodies.

For example, when we cut our finger, new cells rush in to form and heal the cut without any conscious thought of our own.  We can actually see this miracle taking place, but did you know your body heals on the inside – exactly the same way?

Some cells live very short lives, such as the membranes in our bowels.  These cells only live a few minutes.

Others, such as cartilage cells, can often live up to seven years.  Muscle cells live several weeks, while bone and organ cells live several months.  In general, your body replaces itself about every seven years.

Your Nervous System is the Life-Line of Health

All the cells in your body are in a constant state of replenishment, except for one kind.  The cells of your central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and first inch of your spinal nerves) do not have the capability of regenerating at all.

This is why maintaining a healthy spine is so important, because once your central nervous system is damaged…. it’s damaged for life!  Then, so are the structures and organs which depend upon those nerves to provide you with good health.

All healing in your body is controlled by your brain, and your brain communicates the messages of healing through your nerves which run through your spine.

In 1992, it was found that your nerves even have a direct link to your immune system!   Because of nervous system interference in their spine, many people suffer more frequent colds, flu’s and infections and other diseases than they otherwise would if their spine was free of such interference.

Because your nervous system controls all healing, and because your nerves run through your vertebrae, this is why chiropractors pay so much attention to your spine.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

At times, some sick people find they must put synthetic chemicals into their bodies to replace the chemicals their body can no longer produce for itself.

However, many people find that rather than adding dangerous, artificial chemicals into their bodies not originally intended to be there, their problems are actually resolved by correcting spinal dysfunction to increase the flow of healing nerve energy so the body can heal itself.

This must be accomplished before permanent damage to the nerves and organs has allowed your body to go beyond its natural ability to repair itself.

No one wants to finally come upon the answer they were looking for, only to find that the time has passed and their opportunity is now behind them.

Give Your Body It’s Best Chance

Many of life’s seemingly complex problems have very simple answers once we know how and where to look for them.  As more people than ever before begin ‘tuning in’ to their bodies, the appreciation for the unique science, art and philosophy of chiropractic continues to rise dramatically.

Unlike any other health profession, the unique role of chiropractic is to find areas of blockage in the nerve energy in your spine and seek to remove it, so the body has the best chance to heal itself – like it was designed to.

Chiropractic is safe, natural and drug free.  It helps prevent premature body breakdown, and enhances body function, body performance and provides for a higher quality of life.  Equally important, chiropractic honors your body’s inborn healing wisdom, empowering you to be the best you can be.

Empowering you for a change?  Yes indeed, chiropractic IS different!    Enjoy it!

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About the author: Dr. Jack Adrian is a chiropractor with more than 30 years experience in the field of chiropractic.   He is a practicing physician and Director of ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio and has served more than 25,000 individuals in his career.

For help with any additional questions or to set up a complimentary conference to discuss your concerns, feel free to call ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio at 937-339-5556.

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