Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

New Help for Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

A very large percentage of people who undergo chemotherapy develop peripheral neuropathy. Because of this, chemotherapy is often viewed as a two-edged sword.  Many of the chemicals aimed at killing cancer cells in order to save one’s life also damage nerve tissues in their feet, legs, hands, and fingers resulting in various forms of neuropathy.

Often Presents Very Strange Symptoms

Many people report strange and concerning sensations as a result of chemotherapy induced neuropathy, including toes that “feel as large as fence post” or that of walking on “thick foam rubber” just to name a few.

Some people report the feeling of hundreds of little bugs crawling all over their feet and legs when none are really there, or that of pain, burning, stinging, tinging and/or elecric-shocks in their legs or feet.

The most common symptoms of chemotherapy induced neuropathy include numbness and/or tingling in the extremities.  As the condition progresses, often one will experience balance issues as a result of the numbness and difficulty in knowing where their feet are under them, often resulting in falls, broken hips and other fractures.

Literally, the descriptions of strange sensations are as varied as there are individuals who deal with chemotherapy induced neuropathy.

More Drugs Are Usually Not The Answer

People dealing with the misery of neuropathy frequently run up against repeated roadblocks in their search for help only to be left with discouragement time and time again.

Many try drugs, creams and ointments, but unfortunately neuropathies are rarely correctable through these approaches.  Of course, the many side-effects of drugs given for neuropathy also frequently lead to other health problems from a result of long-term usage causing many people to simply stop taking them.  As a result, the reality most people experience is their neuropathy just keeps getting worse and worse over time.

Additionally, the chemotherapy patient’s system has already been repeatedly bombarded with drug toxins with their immune system already weakened by their effects.  Chemotherapy patients don’t need additional problems from more and more drugs, especially drugs that are proven mostly ineffective in the successful treatment of neuropathy to being with.

A New Approach Is Available

In association with Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America, ChiroCenter is pleased to announce there is some new and very exciting news in the field of neuropathy that may very well provide the chemotherapy patient with the help they need.

Utilizing painless “soft” laser to assist in new capillary formation and nerve growth, various vibratory frequencies to stimulate the formation of new peripheral nerves, reverse polarity therapy to aid in the re-integration and correct directional flow of your body’s natural electrical nerve currents, this new approach toward treating neuropathy is proving to be a true blessing for many people with chemotherapy induced neuropathy.

No Drugs or Injections

This wonderful new treatment approach is remarkably safe and for almost all people, totally painless!  Additionally, most of our patients are very pleased and relieved to know we utilize no drugs and no injections!   Results do vary depending upon the individual and the severity of their condition, but a large percentage of chemotherapy patients do see a significant improvement in their neuropathy with this new treatment approach.

For a complete report sharing in-depth information about this new, revolutionary treatment program that is helping so many people with the agony and misery of neuropathy, please go to

About the author: Dr. Jack Adrian is a chiropractor with more than 30 years experience in the field of chiropractic.   He is a practicing physician and Director of ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio and has served more than 25,000 individuals in his career.

For help with any additional questions or to set up a complimentary conference to discuss your concerns, feel free to call ChiroCenter in Troy, Ohio at 937-339-5556.

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